Fun with Pets!

Greetings and salutations! If you are an animal lover you should stick with me! My name is Veronica and my favorite type of animal is a dog. I love how dogs have good energy and are fun to be around. Some dogs love to swim! Here is Mrs. Yollis’ dog Buck swimming in the Yakima River!


Training a Dog

I have taken my dog to obedience school. It was where the dogs got to meet other dogs and learn simple tricks. For example, a trick they learned was “sit”. It is a very simple trick to learn. Training pets can be hard but with the help of a trainer, you can get your dog to look great and make people say, “Wow! Look at that trained dog! I wish my dog was that trained”

Tricky Tricks

 You can also bring your dog to Doggy Day Care. Doggy Day Care is where you send your pup to learn tricks and have fun! There can be large or small dogs there. Some dogs bark a lot, but some dogs are very quiet! My dog Olaf is car sick, so he has a hard time getting to school. However, he does love the dogs when he gets there. One of the tricks he learned was “Roll over.” He also learned “lay down.”

Rock’in Responsibility

You will know there are do’s and don’ts. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. I’m sure your parents have told you, “It takes a lot of responsibility to have a pet.” One of the worst things to do is clean up after them. (You know what I mean.)

It took me a long time to prove to my parents that I could be responsible. Finally, I  got a great Pyrenees and I named him Olaf. He is now full grown and weighs 115 pounds! I also have a fish named King. He is a betta fish. You can see my pets here. I feed King six pellets a day. They are very small pellets, so I have to be careful while counting.

What type of pets do you have?

Have you ever sent your dog to Doggy

Day Care?

11 thoughts on “Fun with Pets!

  1. Veronica, I loved your post, even though I am not a big pet fan. We had a dog when I was small, but he would always lick me and jump on me, so I am not fond of animals because of that. We do have a dog now; his name is Scooter. We definitely need to take him to a doggy training class. He barks really loudly and bothers my son. 🙁 Thanks for the advice. I need to sign him up tomorrow!

  2. Hi Veronica,
    I really enjoyed reading about your experience with training dogs and taking care of your pets. I’ve always wanted to take my dog to obedience school, but I’m focused on getting my two teenage sons trained. Why don’t they have obedience school for kids (Hee Hee). I liked how you included a picture of your animals. They are so cute! I have a dog, two cats, 11 chickens, 1 guinea hen, and 3 betta fish. My fish live in a cool waterfall fish tank with three dividers (obviously they can’t live in the same space). Are there any other pets you wish you had? If so, what would it (they) be?
    Happy blogging,
    Mrs. Vazquez

  3. @Veronica
    I love dogs. Dogs are my favorite animal! I like Korean Jindo dogs, Golden Retrievers, and Labrador Retrievers. I am wondering is there another pet you would like? I hope I get a pet soon.

    Your blogging buddy,
    Casey Cherry

  4. Hello Veronica! Your posts have been really inspiring to me so I decided to make a blog too! your posts are entertaining to me. My favorite dog is a husky but I don’t have one yet. Do you like dogs?

  5. my dad doesn’t like dogs I really want one mum said that as long as it doesn’t impose on dad we can get one if I was gonna get a dog I would get a black and tan sausage dog called buster.

  6. Star: I really enjoy your blog, I love your sub heading.
    Star: I like your video and the music in the background.
    Wish: I wish you would make your background picture smaller so you can see the entire picture without having to scroll down.

  7. 1. I have a dog named Lola. she is an American Staffie!


  8. Omg! Your dog is so cute. I love the way you added a video about him. What type of dog is he? I really like your background picture and it’s good that you’re not putting any photos of you. It’s so cool that you get to blog your life!

  9. Wow! your dog is so very cute I wish I could get a dog but we got a cat. I love your photo’s especially the photo with the swan and the baby swans your so lucky you get to blog your life and go on amazing holidays with your family hope you keep blogging.

  10. Dear Veronica,
    I have a Pitbull, but I have never sent her to doggy daycare. I might try it sometime because she is a very bad listener.

    Love, Joe

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