Lets Visit The Liberty Bell

What a beautiful site! Did you know that the Liberty Bell is mostly made out of tin and copper? Liberty Bell has a little bit of gold in it.

You might think I actually went to Liberty Bell, but I used something called Virtual Reality Views. Virtual Reality Views is when it looks like you’re somewhere, for example, the Liberty Bell, but you’re not really there. It is safe to sit down when you are using Virtual Reality Views because if you get confused you might trip and get hurt. To activate the Virtual Reality you have to wear goggles and your teacher will send you somewhere.


The great Liberty Bell was cracked in 1835 and the crack got bigger in 1846. They renamed the Bell Liberty Bell in the Independence Hall. People rang the Bell to call meetings and public gathering. The Liberty Bell is 2,080 pounds. In Philadephia, in 1776 the Bell rang to announce the Independence of the United States from Great Britain.


Have you ever been to the Liberty Bell?

If you have not been would you want to go?

4 thoughts on “Lets Visit The Liberty Bell

  1. Hello Veronica,
    Am a Kenyan teacher, l read about American independence but it’s only now l have read about the Liberty Bell. Am likewise attracted to the image of a setting sun quite relating to attaining independence, a good choice. Did the bell have any attachment to probably traditional society, as did it signify any important moments in the country’s history?
    Thomas Oriya

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