Spring is Here!

It is spring!  If you are in the southern hemisphere you might think I’m weird, but here where I live we are getting into spring! The weather is usually warmer. Days are longer and the sun is out longer. You might know the saying “April shower bring May flowers”. It is a common saying around spring. There can also be very big storms like tornados in some parts of the United States in spring!

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Animals are born and migrate to warmer places. Eggs hatch and babies learn how to hunt. Animals also wake up from hibernation and go hunting for food to eat. Some animals eat grass, flowers, and leaves.

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Some people go on picnics at the park. They also like to plant flowers, fruit, and vegetables in their gardens. There is also something called Arbor Day, it is when you plant trees to help the community. We also celebrate Earth Day and plant flowers in spring.

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Did you know that it takes the sun one year to orbit around the earth? When the sun orbits, the season’s change and that is how we get seasons. There is something called the equator and it is an imaginary line around the earth.

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Plants grow, seeds sprout and the snow melts or thaws. Trees grow and leaves turn into flowers. Seeds sprout into beautiful flowers or plants. There is also more food for animals to eat. Happy spring!

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What is your favorite season?

Do you like animals?

If so, what kind of animal?

4 thoughts on “Spring is Here!

  1. Hello there. Happy Spring!

    Nice choice of photos from Pixabay. What about the photo for your header? Is that from Pixabay too? I wonder if there’s some way you could show that. Maybe you could include it in your All About Me page.

    I’m in Egypt, so we don’t have a harsh winter. Still, spring is a time for flowers and soon the country will celebrate Sham El Nessim, which is a spring festival that goes back to the time of the pharaohs! People celebrate by eating fish and fresh green onions. There are some hieroglyphs on some ancient temples that show the pharaoh eating them. I think that is pretty amazing that Egyptians are still celebrating it.

    Hope you enjoy your April showers and May flowers!

    Mrs. Fitzgerald
    Cairo American College, Egypt

    • @Josianne

      Thank you for that wonderful comment! I really like how you shared some of your Egyptian holidays. I live in California so our winters aren’t that bad like yours. In California, we don’t get a lot of snow. I’m sure since you live in Egypt there is no snow?

      I like how you complimented my pictures from Pixabay. My header photo is from Pixabay too. Celebrating history is fun, and you can also learn a lot! Last year I learned about the pharaohs, and it was fun to hear about what they were like. In Egypt is their lots of sand?

      Your new friend,
      Veronica Pink

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